Three years ago, at the age of just 13, Rosalee Ramer crushed her first car with a monster truck. A hubcap from that car—a Ford Taurus—is now proudly mounted on the wall of her bedroom. And ever since she crushed that car, Ramer has been obsessed with monster trucks.

Ramer is actually so obsessed with them that she recently became the youngest female professional monster truck driver in the world. Even though she excels at math—she scored a 780 on her SATs—and is likely headed to an Ivy League school when it's time for college, she loves building and driving monster trucks with her dad Kelvin and smashing cars to smithereens. And she's not going to stop doing it anytime soon, despite what some people think and say about her.

"I get judged a lot," she told the San Francisco Chronicle for a recent feature story. "They think monster truck riving is brainless. They think the trucks are our toys, that we just want to go out and smash things up. But there's a lot of planning and thinking that goes into it. There's a lot there that people don't see."

So while Ramer is going to go to college and hopes to major in mechatronics, she's not going to give up driving monster trucks anytime soon. Check out the video above to hear her talk more about her love for monster trucks and, more importantly, to see her in action.

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[via SF Chronicle]