Since the conclusion of The Ultimate Fighter 18, viewers came away from the show thinking Ronda Rousey wasn't a nice person, to put it nicely. But Rousey isn't all too concerned about the public's perception of her at the moment because, according to the UFC Women's Bantamweight champion, if someone, like Kim Kardashian, can change her image after that infamous tape, anything is possible. Again, putting it nicely.

"€œHow long ago was it that Kim Kardashian had d**ks in her mouth and now she's selling my little sister shoes?"€ Rousey said during a media luncheon Thursday in Los Angeles. "€œThose examples are encouraging to me. There'€™s no permanent problems."€

Welp. That's one way of putting it. Rousey went on to claim, "€œWe were just really mistreated and really disrespected by the whole production staff and just everybody. €œWe were instigated and manipulated to get the most dramatic response out of us possible." All in all, Ronda is probably just relieved to have that chapter of her career closed and looks to open that next one later this month.  

On Dec. 28 at UFC 168 in Las Vegas, Rousey will take on Miesha Tate as part of the undercard of Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman 2.     

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[via FOX Sports]