During a FIFA Club World Cup match against Raja Casablanca yesterday, Atletico Mineiro's Ronaldinho scored a pretty amazing goal off a free kick. Just check out what he was able to do in the GIF below:

However, despite that goal, he was not able to lead Atletico Mineiro to a victory against Raja Casablanca. So after the match, you would think that the Casablanca players would have been too busy celebrating their win to do anything other than acknowledge Ronaldinho before getting back to their celebration. But you would be wrong. Because shortly after the match ended, the Casablanca players didn't huddle up amongst themselves to celebrate. They didn't retreat to their locker room to party. And they didn't really even seem all that excited about the actual win. Instead, they tracked down Ronaldinho and asked him for the Nike football boots that he wore during the match. Practically all of them:

We get why they would want the boots. Ronaldinho was, once upon a time, one of the best players in the entire world. But how do you go about sharing his boots now that you've got them if you're the Casablanca players? Does each player get custody of a boot for a week before passing it on to a teammate? Does the team cut the boots up and distribute pieces of them evenly? Or…?

Whatever the case, it's clear that they were just as happy about getting the boots as they were about getting a win. Go see more photos of them posing with the boots over here for proof of that.

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[via Daily Mail]