The big, unfortunately sad, news in the car and pop culture world over the weekend surrounded a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT accident in California. The passenger in the car, which was coming from a charity event, was Fast and Furious star Paul Walker. Naturally, everybody was most concerned about Walker and what would happen to the movie franchise. But what about the driver, Roger Rodas? A friend of Walker's, Rodas was no stranger to cars and driving, as he actually had plenty of experience racing on lower circuits. Autoweek did a nice little profile on Rodas, giving him the proper consideration that he also deserves. 

AUTOWEEK: Driver in Paul Walker crash was racer in his own right: Roger Rodas: 1975-2013

Once you're finished reading that, Travis Okulski over at Jalopnik also did some nice research about the car that ended up a shredded piece of chunk metal. This isn't the first time that the Carrera GT has presented dangerous situations, and according to some of the sources in the story, like Porsche test driver Walter Rohrl, it's possibly the most frightening road car ever made. Read this next: 

JALOPNIKPorsche That Killed Paul Walker 'Dangerous,' 'Needs Respect'