On Sunday night, the Heat beat the Bobcats 99-98 at home. But a few hours later, Miami guard Roger Mason Jr.—who was inactive for the game against Charlotte—suffered a pretty significant loss.

Mason Jr. and his sister were eating dinner at Ni.Do. Caffe in Miami late Sunday when four men reportedly stormed the restaurant with guns drawn and robbed several people. Mason Jr. was one of those people, as the suspects in the crime demanded that he give up his Rolex. And the men ended up leaving the scene and escaping before police arrived.

However, police got a tip yesterday about a Cadillac Escalade that may have been involved in the armed robbery. And they located the Escalade at a hotel in Miami. They observed it all day, waited until two of the suspects got into it at around 4:30 p.m. on Monday afternoon, and then gave chase and were eventually able to apprehend the two suspects. Both men—identified as Rashaud Stroud, 32, and Steven Dawson, 30—were arrested and charged with armed robbery, and police were able to recover Mason Jr.'s watch and a purse owned by his sister.

Scary, huh? Fortunately for Mason and his sister, they're both OK and they got their stuff back. But two suspects remain at large in the case and police are actively pursuing any and all leads to try and apprehend them ASAP.

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[via NBC Miami]