To be fair, the Giants did put in work to win that game. That especially goes for Justin Tuck, who had four sacks—which is the most by a Giant since Osi Umenyiora did so in 2007. That's why it's a bit unfortunate the way the game ended took away from that effort.

The referees screwed up once again. Robert Griffin III completed the pass on a 2nd-and-5 to Pierre Garcon, who was stopped short of a first down according the NBC's yellow mark. The referee and chain gang can't see this yellow line though, and the lack of clarity led to the consequent confusion.

The referees signaled for the chain gang to move the chains up to signify a first down, giving Griffin the opportunity to attempt a deep pass to Fred Davis that fell incomplete. So the Redskins were forced to convert on 4th-and-one. If it sounds wrong, it is. But the officials called it as such anyway, and if the Redskins knew they were on third down instead of a first, a different play would've been called in order to convert. That's textbook terrible officiating. Still, that doesn't let Garcon off the hook for allowing himself to be stripped of the ball to seal Washington's fourth straight loss.

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