When the Raptors announced that Drake was going to be their new "Global Ambassador" back in late September, everyone expected the Toronto rapper to play a key role with the team this season. But truthfully, outside of this weird video that he released at the beginning of the 2013-14 NBA season, Drake hasn't really had a whole lot to do with the Raptors so far this year. In fact, you could argue that he's helped out other Toronto-based sports teams more than he's helped out the Raptors. But that's going to change at the top of the new year.

The Raptors just revealed that they're going to hold their first-ever "Drake Night" on January 11 when the Nets come to town to take on the team. So what is "Drake Night"? Well, unfortunately, it doesn't look like it will involve a Drake performance (Drake's DJ Future the Prince will perform a set at halftime, though). It also doesn't look like it will involve a giveaway of any of Drake's music (Raptors fans will instead get an exclusive Raptors x OVO T-shirt). And to be honest, we're not even sure it will actually involve Drake. We would expect him to be there (WTF is "Drake Night" without Drake?!) but the flyer above doesn't specifically say whether or not Drizzy will be in the building that night.

At any rate, this is probably the first of many, many, many "Drake Nights" to come in 2014. Once we get further into the season and the Raptors fall out of playoff contention altogether, the team is going to need to find ways to draw fans. And "Drake Night" might just be the only way for them to do that.

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[via Bleacher Report]