Tesla is continually revolutionizing the way cars are built and sold, so it should come as no surprise that the establishment isn't happy about it. A group of car dealers in Ohio are suing the electric car company to prevent it from selling directly to customers. Instead of going through dealers, Tesla has been taking the Apple approach and going straight to the consumer through its own stores. 

Earlier this month, the same dealers proposed a law to outlaw Tesla's business model. Ohio's state legislature declined to vote on the proposal. So now, like a bunch of sore losers, the dealers are looking for other ways to stop Tesla from being great. 

“This is the same kind of bullying from the dealers we’ve faced in other states,” said James Chen, Tesla’s vice president of regulatory affairs and associate general counsel. “The dealers, when they’re defeated in the court of public opinion, in the media and in the legislature, they then go to the courts.”

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[via Columbus Dispatch]