What's up with America's youth? Earlier today, there was the story of a 6-year-old San Francisco 49ers fan who wrote a threatening letter to the Seattle Seahawks. It was cute yet still a little alarming. Now, a letter from a 7-year-old fan to Kevin Huber was released by WKRC Cincinnati and it has us wondering, what the hell are these kids learning?

On Sunday, Huber suffered a hairline fracture in his neck and needed surgery to fix his jaw after getting decked by the Steelers' Terence Garvin, which you can see in the GIF above. Following the brutal hit, little Nicholas sent him a letter of support but that last sentence is a bit of a head-scratcher. Check out the letter and follow along below: 

Dear Kevin,

I hope you feel better soon. I am mad at the Steelers because you are my #1 player. I am 7 years old and love the Bengals and Bearcats. I know you played for the Bearcats and Bengals and I love the teams. I hope that Steeler player loses his house and has to live in his car.

Get well soon,

Nicholas Andrew Johnson

Aww. Isn't that...really weird? Hopefully knowing that Garvin was just hit with a $25,000 fine is enough to satiate this kid's thirst for revenge. Geez. 

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[via WKRC Cincinnati]