When NFL players score touchdowns, they like to celebrate. Like, a lot. There are some players—Larry Fitzgerald is the first one that comes to mind—who simply hand the ball to the referee and jog off the field after they score. But the vast majority of NFL players go apeshit after they record a TD.

They do stuff like this:

And this:

And even this:

Recently, Wall Street Journal writer Geoff Foster sat down and watched every single touchdown celebration from the 2013-14 NFL season. Alllllllllllll 1,150 of them. And as he did, he noted how each NFL player chose to celebrate his touchdown and then put together this chart:

Some things that stand out after looking at the chart:

  1. The "jump and bump" is really enjoying a moment right now, isn't it? Why did it take NFL players—and athletes in general—so long to come up with that particular celebration?
  2. Less than 10 percent of NFL players have a "signature move." Doesn't that seem low? C'mon, guys! You're better than that.
  3. Almost every NFL player who gets interviewed after a game thanks God before he answers any questions. Yet, only 6 percent of players pointed to the sky after scoring a TD this season and only 1.9 percent got down on one knee and prayed. What gives? (Can we blame Tim Tebow for making prayer-filled celebrations uncool?)
  4. About 3 percent of the NFL's players should apparently be playing in the NBA. They favored the "dunk over the crossbar" method of celebrating this year.
  5. The spike's stock has really plummeted. That used to be the celebration. Now, only 6.9 percent of guys use it. Poor, spike.

There are still two weeks left in the NFL season—plus a few weeks of playoffs. So it's not too late for some late entries to this list. Who thinks they can top what's already been done? Just be careful—or you might up here.

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[via WSJ]