The NBA recently acknowledged that officials missed a foul call that would have given the Minnesota Timberwolves a chance to tie the score with one second remaining in the Timberwolves' 100-98 loss to the Dallas Mavericks last night:

"Through postgame video review, we have determined that Minnesota's Kevin Love was fouled on the right arm by Dallas' Shawn Marion while attempting a two-point field goal," NBA president of basketball operations Rod Thorn said in a statement. "Love should have been awarded two free throws with one second left on the clock."

After receiving an inbounds pass with three seconds remaining, Kevin Love dribbled once to his left and tried to go up for a jumper in the corner. Love was stripped by Marion and immediately raised his hands and looked to the referee for a call.

Love had this to say about the non-call:

"I'm the type of person that if you see a foul, an obvious foul, you call it. And I thought that was pretty, pretty obvious. ... You look at the replay and it was obvious he got arm."

At least the association is acknowledging these calls now, but that still doesn't erase the bitter sting of a loss. Minnesota's currently 15-16 and three games behind the Mavericks for the final spot in the playoffs, so this game could be something we look back on if the Wolves don't make the playoffs.

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[via ESPN]