Do you live in Houston? Was your car covered with a red dust when you woke up on Sunday? Were you pissed?

Well, as it turns you, you weren't alone. Over the weekend, a weather system carried a large amount of red dust from Mexico up over Houston. And then, when it started raining on Saturday and Sunday, all of that dust came down and washed over the city. It caused cars to be covered with the dust—and made a lot of local car wash owners very, very happy.

"[All of the cars] were just covered," one local car wash owner told the Houston Chronicle. "We had around 500 cars in here [Sunday]. It was a good day for us."

Fortunately, it doesn't appear as though the red dust was harmful to the cars. But judging from the photos here, it definitely looks like it was annoying, doesn't it?

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[via Houston Chronicle]