Allow us to not only introduce you to the most ignorant Dodge Charger of all time, but also the most generous Dodge Charger owner of all time. You see, putting TVs inside your car is selfish. The passengers will love it, but what about your fellow drivers? Don't they deserve to catch 30 seconds of music videos while they sit at a red light?

One car owner in Memphis thinks so. Although we think copping 32-inch spinners and putting TV screens on each door is as ignorant as you can get—so ignorant, in fact, that the flashing underglow lights and "32's" decal are the last thing we noticed—the latter customization is also an act of generosity. That's how you do it, people. If you're going to be ignorant, at least be selfless, too. Peep the video below to see the Charger in action at a Burger King. Where else, right?

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[via YouTube