Depending on whom you ask, Miley Cyrus has either become a total badass or a walking cry for help. After seeing her on a motorcycle, we're going to go with badass. Or partial badass, perhaps. We take away some B.A. points because it's a trike, or a 2014 Can Am Spyder, to be more precise. It's cool, don't get us wrong. But it's not quite as risky as committing to two wheels. 

There's also the fact that it's a 21st birthday gift from Papa Cyrus. His heart won't be getting all achy breaky over this one. Making decisions that your parents accept is the furthest thing from badass, so knock off a few more points. Safety and parental approval aside, we're left with is a girl who's still cooler than any we know. So Miley, come pick us up in that Can Am around 9?

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[via TMZ]