In a move that surprises very few people, the NFL is considering how much to fine Mike Tomlin for his ridiculous move during the Thanksgiving game against the Ravens. What is surprising is how heavy this fine may be. Tomlin may lose six-figures because of his terrible idea. It's a bit much, epecially when you consider this situation from 2010:

This is strength and condition coach Sal Alosi wrongfully tripping a player back in 2010. He had a pretty steep punishment as he got tagged with a $100,000 fine and a suspended for the rest of the season. Tomilin's act was on the same lane, but he didn't actually make contact with Jacoby Jones. The NFL also considered stripping the Steelers of a draft pick—wich would definitely be over the top—for his transgressions as well. We'll see the league's final punishment soon, but something tells us Tomlin is already regretting his decision.

[via ESPN]