The Ferrari 458 Italia and the McLaren MP4-12C were pretty evenly matched when they came out a few years ago. Since then, McLaren has improved the 12C every year, and even offered free retrofits to people who had already purchased the car. Ferrari has, as is tradition, now released the 458 Speciale, which is a faster, more expensive, and more precise version of the 458, and we can't help but wonder if it's coincidence that the Brits decided to show a 12C customized by McLaren Special Operations shortly afterwards.

The 12C makes 619 hp, the Speciale manages 597; the 12C weighs 2,956 lbs, the Speciale is down to 2,844; and the 12C tops out at 205 mph while the Speciale's top speed is "over 202 mph." 

The MP4-12C MSO Concept is rocking a new hood, front wing louvers, rear wing vents, and a new roof snorkel that acts as an engine air intake, all made from carbon fiber, as well as diamond cut light weight wheels, and a bunch of carbon fiber and body colored trim on the inside. No doubt all that carbon fiber drops the weight of the 12C even further.

Which do you think is the better car?

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[via McLaren