Mansory, the company best known for taking our favorite exotic cars and turning them into clown-like parodies of themselves, is done playing about with cadavers and jarred brains and is ready to go full Dr. Frankenstein. That's right, an all original Mansory car is being designed, is to see production, and will be called "Mourinho." 

It's going to be a 750 hp carbon fiber supercar that draws upon the knowledge of its backers, Chelsea F.C. coach Jose Mourinho and Russian wealthy extravagance club Raff House. Mourinho, for whom it is named, says it should be "perfect comfort and class" that combines "the best of Ferrari and Aston Martin." 

Given the tuner's track record, it will also look like it crashed through a superglue storage facility, and then an inexplicably upscale Pep Boys. We just really hope it's more like the Black Diamond than anything else that company has done.

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[via Jalopnik