When planning your road trips, be weary of Louisiana. According to a study released by CarInsuranceComparison.com, the Bayou state has the worst drivers in the country. The study was conducted by compiling traffic violation data—everything from seat belts to drunk driving—from the NHTSA and the National Motorists Association. 

Coming second is another southern state, South Carolina. In fact, the worst eight states are all in the South. After South Carolina comes Mississippi, Texas, Alabama, Florida, Missouri, and North Carolina. Rounding out the top ten is Montana and North Dakota. 

As someone living in Missouri, I can verify the states awfulness when it comes to driving (or when it comes to most things, for that matter). In fact, I'm surprised Missouri is only the seventh worst. It's so bad that signs are necessary to tell people they can't turn left when there's a red arrow. As if the red arrow wasn't a big enough indicator. 

The top ten states are (in order) Vermont, Utah, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Oregon, Maine, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Iowa, and Massachusetts. 

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[via Left Lane News]