On Sunday afternoon, the Eagles suffered a crushing defeat to the hapless Vikings in Minnesota and, at least temporarily, it looked like Philadelphia could fall out of the NFC playoff race as a result of the loss. Had the Cowboys been able to beat the Packers on Sunday, Dallas would have moved into first place in the NFC East, and the Eagles playoff hopes would have been dangling by a thread. But of course, the Cowboys lost in stunning fashion on Sunday, giving the Eagles hope again.

However, on the Eagles' flight back to Philly on Sunday, running back LeSean McCoy decided to have some fun at the expense of his teammates. He was the only one on the entire plane with Internet access (Sidebar: How is that even possible?!), so he told his teammates, coaches, and even Eagles general manager Howie Roseman that the Cowboys had actually beaten the Packers.

"I said, 'Yeah, [Tony] Romo, he threw a 37-yard pass, touchdown,'" he said yesterday during a radio interview. "They're like, 'Really?' I'm like, 'Nah, he threw a pick actually.' Because nobody had knew except me, so whatever I said, they had to believe. I was just joking with some of the players. When I was talking to [head coach] Chip [Kelly] and Howie, I was serious."

Serious—and seriously mean! But fortunately, no one minded once he gave them the good news that the Cowboys had collapsed.

Now what in the world can the Eagles do to get someone else—anyone else!—Internet access on the team plane?

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[via CBS Philadelphia]