We were all pretty certain LeBron James was going to start climbing up the all-time scorer list eventually. Tonight he passed the great Larry Bird, who would've been higher if injuries didn't shorten his career. James became No. 30 on the list tonight against the Kings. Again, this is what's expected, but he does get extra kudos for doing it in style. He's at over 21,786 points and he'll also pass Gary Payton (21,813) on the list this season unless he suddenly decides to disappear this year to go under a new alias to start training for his awaiting career as NFL tight end. Also, let's not overlook how crazy/hilarious that Mario Chalmers steal and assist is.

(Sidebar: Imagine how far along the list James would be if he was in Cleveland mode.)

UPDATE: Actually, make that No. 29

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[via Beyond the Buzzer]