LeBron James's 19 points and eight rebounds helped the Heat get the 101-95 win over the Lakers. but he'd like one more thing for Christmas: Everybody shutting up about Kobe Bryant. James defended the Black Mamba—who was spending his Christmas on the sidelines with a fractured knee—in an interview:

I've been hearing reports about people giving their stupid opinion about what he should do. He's not going to sit. That's not him. That's not in his nature. He's an alpha male. He's going to get healthy, and he's going to play the game that he loves and has been playing forever.

James does have a strong point about the man he won two Olympic Gold medals with. The main reason eyes are even on Bryant at this point is because he's been the alpha male throughout the majority of his career and such players don't go out with a wimper. If anything, the doubts have helped Bryant focus, which is what he said during his first talk with the media since the injury: "It's just being sung a little more loudly now. Those type of things just really help me lock in more than ever." Let's see if it makes him better than how he was in his very short comeback, in which he scored less than 10 points in three of the six games.

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