There's no better way to show your fandom then putting on a shirt with another grown man's name on it. We wish there was a better way to do it, but it's a battle we've lost. The market is dominated by stars, with customs consistently the lowest sellers. Turns out fans would rather wear a Steph Curry than a classless original that says "Bigkock." What's funny amongst friends doesn't always work in public.

But what of the lesser knowns? What about the Luis Scolas and Tyler Hansbroughs and Sean Mays? Don't they deserve their place on a fan's back, even if it's just one fan—like a family memeber? The fact that their names are featured on jerseys is a compliment alone. Nobody wants to wear an Evan Fournier or Andrea Bargnani jersey (oh, wait). Teams know that and don't even bother to print for the same reason you don't wear Armani shirts to the gym. You don't print out 50,000 Kris Humphries jerseys when you can't sell 20.

Buying these jerseys will make you stand out (which is why we linked them on every slide). It's easy to be a frontrunner. If you want to go with the crowd buy LeBron, D-Rose and Kobe; but if you want to be unique this is your chance. Here's the Least Wanted NBA Jerseys on the Internet.

Source: NBA Store on, Fanatics, and Ebay.