Jaywalkers are the worst of the worst, the absolute scum of the world, let alone Los Angeles. So it should come as no surprise that the LAPD is acting accordingly and cracking down on the horrid criminals. The New York Times reports that the LAPD has issued dozens of tickets to jaywalkers in the past few weeks. 

This comes in the middle of a "car-culture clash." You see, more people in L.A. are starting to ditch cars for their feet or bicycle wheels. An increase in pedestrians means an increase in wicked jaywalking. The LAPD needs to "maintain order." 

“There’s a huge influx of folks that come into the downtown area,” says Sgt. Larry Delgado of the Central Traffic Division. “If you go out there, you are going to see enforcement.” Translation: L.A. is filled with dangerous pedestrian criminals and we must patrol the streets to prevent their dangerous criminal ways.

Adam Bialik is one of the monsters the LAPD has busted. He began walking across a crosswalk "a few blinks" after the "Don't Walk" countdown began. Luckily, a hero cop was on the other side of the street to maintain order with a $197 ticket. There is a battle of good vs. evil in the City of Angels. Let's hope the demons don't reign supreme.

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[via Jalopnik