The woman that you see in the video above really, really, really wanted her husband to buy her a BYD Qin recently. The car, which is set to sell for about $32,000, is being released in China this month, and the woman wants one. So she went all out at an auto show in an effort to force her husband to buy it.

First, the woman scratched the hood of the car on purpose several times, which she thought would make him buy it. When that didn't work, she attacked him in front of a group of people. And when that didn't work either, she turned to Plan C, which was to yell at her husband about how she deserves the car because she's "getting old" while he still looks young. She went on and on and on about how much she has put into their marriage and how a BYD Qin should be her repayment.

In the end, it doesn't look like the crazy lady's plan worked. Security arrived less than a minute after she flipped out and escorted her away from the car. You can't fault the effort here, though. She really wanted that car—and she was clearly going to do whatever it took to let her husband know it. Even if that meant embarrassing herself, her husband, and the entire human race in the process.

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[via Mirror]