Kobe Bryant back! But is he the same Kobe Bryant as before?

It's kind of hard to tell after watching this video of KB24 picking Xavier Henry's pocket at practice today and then racing down the other end of the court for a dunk. On the one hand, KOBE JUST DUNKED! HELL YEAH! On the other, he just barely got the ball over the rim on the dunk. And if Nick "Swaggy P" Young wasn't playing "Holy-shit-if-I-touch-Kobe-and-he-gets-hurt-I'm-going-to-get-run-out-of-town-and-Iggy-Azalea-is-totally-going-to-break-up-with-me" defense here, Kobe probably would have been in trouble.

We guess we're happy to see Kobe back in action. But we're going to have to see more before we get too excited. What else ya got, Mamba?

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[via Lakers]