The date was October 30. The New York Knicks had just knocked off the Milwaukee Bucks 90-83 in their first game of the 2013-14 NBA season, and Knicks fans were feeling good really about the new season. Actually, Knicks fans had been feeling good about the '13-'14 campaign for a few weeks:

They had also been feeling good the morning of the Knicks' first game:

But the win over the Bucks—because, you know, the Bucks were a playoff team last season so a win against them had to be a good sign, right?—had the Knicks fans feeling particularly feisty. So one of them predicted that the Knicks were really going to go 82-0 this season:

And then another:

And before we knew it, even Complex staffers were getting in on the action:

It was an awesome time to be a Knicks fan! The next 18 hours or so were pure bliss for Knicks fans with thoughts of an 82-0 season, a long playoff run, an NBA championship, a parade through New York City, and a dynasty! GO KNICKS! 82-0! #KNICKSTAAAAAAAPE!

But then, a funny thing happened. The Knicks lost just one day later to the Bulls. Then they lost to the Timberwolves. Then they lost to the Bobcats. Then…well, let's just say that it hasn't been easy to be a Knicks fan since then. The team is 3-13 at the moment and thoughts of "82-0!" have transformed into thoughts of "Can we win another game?!" It has some fans turning to prayer:

The good news for Knicks fans is that the Knicks will win another game this season. We're pretty confident that the team isn't going to finish 3-79. The bad news? Those 82-0 predictions look about as bad as Andrea Bargnani's defense right now. Maybe next year, Knicks fans, maybe next year.

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