J.R. Smith has tons of tattoos all over his body. But his most famous one is easily the gigantic "SWISH" that he has on his neck. If for whatever reason you're not familiar with it, the tattoo looks like this:

Smith has had the tattoo for several years now. And yet, we still can't believe he has it.

That said, we're even more shocked about what a crazy Knicks fan just decided to get tattooed on his neck as a Christmas "gift" to himself. Because he's apparently such a big J.R. Smith fan, the fan got a tattoo to pay tribute to him. And it looks like this:

Uhhhhh…dude, is that thing real? Like, did you really tattoo all of that on your neck?!

It appears as though he did. And on a related note, it appears as though it's just one of 60 other tattoos that he has. So he says that he's not going to regret getting it:

If nothing else, the guy did get a retweet out of J.R. yesterday:

But was it really worth it? We'll let you decide...

[via Black Sports Online]