Are you prepared for the most Jose Canseco story of all time?! Well, here goes...

Late last month, the former MLB slugger went out and purchased two goats. His plan was to use the goats to film some sort of documentary because, you know, that makes total sense in the world of Jose Canseco. But apparently, the goats have also been living at his condo in Las Vegas. And it sounds like they've been driving his neighbors nuts. So last night, Canseco posted a letter that he received from his homeowner's association on Twitter:

And shortly after posting the letter, which asked Canseco to get rid of the goats, he also sent out this tweet:

Goat haters? Lolz. Stay tuned! We never thought we would be saying these words, but the saga surrounding Jose Canseco and his pet goats is about to get interesting!

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[via Busted Coverage]