Yesterday, Tennessee took on Wichita State and midway through the second half, the Vols' Jordan McRae found an open lane to the basket and flushed it down with some authority. As he was about to head back to the other side of the court, McRae may have let out, as the announcers put it, "a primal scream" which apparently rubbed the refs the wrong way, so they hit Jordan with a technical. What? This call makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. 

So, when McRae finally gets an opportunity to stick it to the majority of Shockers fans at the INTRUST Bank Arena, he's just expected to stay silent? FOH! Sports are all about screaming and venting and possibly even throwing bones. Never rule anything out.

Please refs, don't water down the competitive nature of the college game to that of the NBA. Please.    

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[via ESPN]