Unfortunately, it's not terribly uncommon to hear about people accidentally hitting deer with their cars. It actually happens all the time. But it's still pretty strange to hear about all the commotion that one deer caused in Loudoun County, Va. earlier this week.

On Thursday night, a 71-year-old driver ran into a deer while she was driving her SUV in Loudoun County. The deer hit the front passenger side of her vehicle. But rather than collapsing right there on the spot, the deer went airborne when the woman hit it. And the deer flew onto a nearby path and rammed right into a 27-year-old woman who happened to be jogging by at the time. Both the driver of the SUV and the woman who was jogging had to be taken to the hospital a short time later and treated for injuries sustained during the accident. And as for the deer? Well, it ran off into the woods after the accident but died shortly after the accident.

As we mentioned, hearing about a deer getting hit by a car is not really news. But a deer getting hit by a car and then taking a woman out with it? That might just be the strangest car accident involving a deer that we've ever heard about. Hear all about it in the clip above.

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[via NBC Washington]

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