You can say what you want about the Nets regressing into a crap team, Jason Kidd's apparent ineptitude and drinkgate, the lack of a Brook Lopez, or the power of Jay Z no longer being with them. But think back to a few months ago. This team was put together specifically to make it past the first-round, but to not purposely refer to Kanye West (well, maybe a little purposely), Kidd the Coach ain't got the answers. It's not just visible in the poor record either; Yahoo! is reporting Kidd is losing the faith of his locker room. Anybody who's familiar with how these things go down know a goodbye (as in "fired") may be coming soon. Perhaps as soon as All-Star Break.

Adrian Wojnarowski writes, "Kidd has increasingly isolated himself within the locker room and organization." That's pretty disappointing since he notes Kidd has called out his players on their effort even though they've reportedly "have stood in the locker room and told Kidd they don't understand their roles, that there's confusion about their principles."

Don't forget Kidd demoted Lawrence Frank because of a "difference in philosophies," so he takes more of the blame. It's something else if Brooklyn simply doesn't have the firepower to compete. But they have Deron Williams, an old but still usable Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, and had Brook Lopez. What makes the collapse troublesome is it's inner-team issues that you'd think would be controllable: effort, organization, and just knowing what your job is. Coach Kidd and the Nets don't look like a match made in heaven anymore, aye?

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