We've seen lots of butt ugly replica cars over the years, but rarely have we seen replicas as good as the ones that Jacek Mazur builds. His latest completed project took eight years, but he finally got the McLaren F1 that he always wanted and it looks pretty amazing. So does the Porsche 911, Lamborghini Countach, and the garage full of other replicas that Mazur made at home with spare parts and lots of tools. 

At the end of the day, the McLaren F1 replica cost Mazur around $33,000, chump change compared to the millions it would cost for a legit one. Either way you look at it, this guy is a winner and there is nothing anybody can say that would change that. Take a look at the video below in which Mazur talks about the build and shows off a few of his other rides.

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[via TheSuperCarKids]