The last time we saw Hanley Ramirez, his hair looked like it does in the photo above. There wasn't anything all that noteworthy about it. But earlier today, the Dodgers infielder took a photo of his current hairstyle and put it up on Instagram. And it looks a lot…different.

Hmmm…Actually, we don't know if "different" is a strong enough word. Just take a look for yourself:

WHOA. That's quite the change. Has Hanley been hanging out with Katt Williams lately or…?

We're not the only ones clowning Hanley's hair, either (why hasn't anyone started a #HanleysHair hashtag?!). Just peep the reactions that some people have had on Twitter:

Ha. Don't worry, though. Ramirez is in on the joke, too. His hashtag when he posted the photo of his new hairstyle? "#jajajajaj." But all kidding aside, we hope this hairstyle is just a temporary thing.

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[via Extra Mustard]