Adrian Newey, Red Bull F1's master car designer and living saint of perpetual downforce, did what he usually does when a new Gran Turismo game comes out: design the fastest car he can conceive of. Road cars are restricted by laws and racing cars are restricted by the series' regulations, so the idea of just making the fastest possible car with the only limitation being technical prowess is nothing more than an idea.

Gran Turismo has given Newey an outlet for that creative impulse, and the result is this, the Red Bull X2014. Four time F1 world champion lapped the Nurburgring in GT6 in the X2014 a full 30 seconds faster than his F1 car. It might actually be too fast and too many Gs for a human to handle without blacking out. We think Red Bull should build one and find out.

The X2014 comes in three flavors, the X2014/F, which features a huge fan that sucks air from underneath the car and creates tons of downforce, the X2014/S, the standard car, and the X2014/J, the toned down "junior" version of the car.

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[via Red Bull Racing