Last night was a miserable night all around in Denver. With the Chargers in town for Thursday Night Football, the Broncos could have come one game closer to clinching the AFC West with a win. But Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense sputtered on the field, and San Diego ended up winning the game 27-20. And then after the game, an incident took place outside of Sports Authority Field that made the night even worse.

According to the Denver Police Department, four people were stabbed outside of the stadium a short time after the game ended and at least one of them is believed to be in critical condition at the moment. Denver police have not yet revealed what caused the incident to take place. But they did reveal several details about the case on their Twitter account last night:

The incident comes just two weeks after a man died as a result of an incident that took place outside of Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City during a Broncos/Chiefs game. What in the world is going on with NFL fans right now?!

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[via Eye On Football]