Kanye West might have fucked your Hampton spouse and came on her mouth/blouse, but we just found a way for you to one-up Yeezus himself. Hammacher Schlemer, a company that specializes in awesome shit we can't afford, is selling a flying motorcycle "ideal for day trips to the Hamptons to Martha's Vineyard."

If that sounds like something you do on the reg, then you're probably one of the only people who can afford The Helicycle and its $295,000 price tag. That might seem like a lot, but a chance to stunt on Kanye West is priceless. We haven't seen him rolling around in a two-seat vehicle that converts from three-wheeled motorcycle to gyrocopter in just 10 minutes. The most dramatic change we've seen from him in that time is from somewhat-interested in an interviewing to yelling, "You ain't got the answers!" Entertaining, yes. But it's no Helicycle. 

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[via Time