The Adrien Broner memes have finally quieted down for the first time since Saturday night when Broner was defeated by Marcos Maidana. But that doesn't mean that the story about Broner's loss has disappeared. Quite the contrary actually. Now that the jokes are gone—for the most part anyway—people are starting to talk about Broner's future in boxing. And according to at least one boxing personality, his future isn't too bright.

Floyd Mayweather's uncle/trainer Roger Mayweather just spoke with a site called about Broner's recent fight. And, well, Roger didn't have very many good things to say about Broner. Actually, we don't think he had any good things to say about him. So although Money May himself is still riding for Broner, it's clear that everyone in his camp isn't.

Press play above if you're ready to hear some of the realest talk ever concerning Broner.

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[via TMZ]