Recently, Orlando-based filmmaker Luke Aker put his beat-up 1996 Nissan Maxima on Craigslist. But despite the $900 price tag attached to it, he had some trouble selling it. So in order to entice someone out there to buy it, Aker shot a luxury car commercial for his Maxima and that commercial is, well, brilliant. Even though the car has seats that are shredded up and a strap on the front bumper that appears to be holding the front end of the car together, the commercial makes the Maxima look like the coolest car ever.

And what do you know? It looks like the commercial worked, too! The sale of the car is currently "pending," according to Aker's Craigslist posting for it. Check out the clip above to see how Aker was able to convince someone to take this POS off his hands.

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[via Huffington Post]