Do you have Jamaal Charles on your fantasy football team? If so, then you're probably on Cloud 9 today. Charles had five—yes, five—touchdowns against the Raiders yesterday and earned something like 1,592 fantasy points in the process. Okay, okay, so he wasn't that good. But if you have Charles on your team, then there's a good chance that you raked in enough points to win your fantasy football playoff matchup yesterday. And you probably love the Chiefs running back as much as these people do today:

But if you don't have Charles on your team? Well, we're sorry. Very sorry. Because after battling all fantasy football season long, you just got crushed as a result of a historic fantasy performance by Charles. And you are—understandably—very upset today. We've seen you all over Twitter, still trying to make sense of it all this morning:

SMH. Love him or hate him, what Charles did yesterday was special. And whether you were on the right or wrong end of his incredible day, you're never going to forget it. And hey, there's always next year for fantasy football, right?! Er, yeah. As long as you draft Jamaal Charles.

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