If you're trying to convince your main star to stay an extra season, at least offer some of the unspoken bare essentials. An example is being able to come back from scoring zero points in your last game and play on your home court without being hassled by a fan. Kyrie Irving already plays for an average-at-best team, but playing in an arena with bad security? That's asking for too much.

A Cleveland fan thought the best way to convince Irving to stay was running on the court and exposing a shirt that says, "Kyrie Don't Leave." He probably didn't think the whole plan through. Could you imagine Irving going, "Damn! You ran on the court and had that shirt for me? Coach! Sub me out. I have potential contract extensions I HAVE to discuss." In defense of the security, it could be said the group was having an off night. This type of incident happened before though.

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[via SB Nation]