Kaveh Kamooneh was watching his son play tennis for about 20 minutes at a school court, and took the liberty of plugging his electric Nissan Leaf into one of the available outlets while he was there. When he got back to his car he was confronted by a police officer who accused him of "theft by taking without consent" who filed a police report. A few days later an officer showed up at his house and arrested him.

He claims, and his claim is supported by an advocacy group called Clean Cities Atlanta, that he only took about $0.05 worth of electricity while there. The police department is saying that this is irrelevant, since "a theft is a theft." Why this is so much more of a problem than all the other people who would charge laptops or cell phones or other devices using a school outlet, we don't know. But that taking electricity without consent isn't theft.

It's funny how it's only theft when it's a man of Middle-Eastern descent in a tree-hugging eco-car in a Southern state.

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[via 11 Alive Atlanta