After the debacle that took place at the end of a Patriots/Panthers game a couple weeks ago and the subsequent backlash against NFL referees, the NFL reportedly asked the refs to start explaining some of their calls a little bit better. They figured that that would be a good way to avoid controversy. And look at how well it's working!

During last night's Saints/Seahawks game, a delay of game penalty was not called on a play even though the play clock had run all the way down. So referee Ed Hochuli decided to blow the next play dead in order to explain why a flag hadn't been thrown. And his explanation—which included the words "stretching out balls"—was hilarious, particularly if you have the maturity of a sixth grader.

Watch the video above to hear Hochuli make the call. How did he manage to make it through that entire explanation without cracking up?!

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[via Sports Radio KJR]