Dwyane Wade: Bro, I figured out what these fans have been craving for Christmas.

LeBron James: Free pancakes?

Wade: No man! Let's hit them up with another alley-oop.

James: Um, that's nothing really new.

Wade: But they always get hype over an alley-oop.  We just giving them what they want!

James: Good point. I just wish we could do something about these t-shirts.

Well, even LeBron can't really do anything about the Christmas T-shirts, but he's still giving fans what they need (or may not know they need) with another fantastic alley-oop against the Lakers. This one was off-the-glass and finished with the left hand for good measure. It's a decent Christmas present to the fans...or maybe to themselves. Anyone doubt Wade and James love to showout? At least nobody got faced this time.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]