UPDATE: As it turns out, Drake will be attending "Drake Night" after all. Details here.

On Christmas Eve, the Toronto Raptors gave their fans a pretty awesome gift. The team announced that on January 11, they will be holding "Drake Night." "Drake Night," which will coincide with the team's home game against the Brooklyn Nets, will feature a live performance by Drake's DJ Future the Prince, a Raptors x OVO T-shirt giveaway, and special black and gold jerseys that will be worn on the court. However, "Drake Night" will reportedly not include one key component of "Drake Night"…Drake!

According to Extra Mustard, the Raptors are going to great lengths to excite their fan base by holding "Drake Night." But for whatever reason—we're guessing Drizzy just won't be in town that night?—Drake is not scheduled to be in attendance at the Nets/Raptors game that night. So the awesome gift that the Raptors gave to their fans last week for Christmas just got a whole lot less awesome.

Who knows? Maybe Drake will end up coming to the game at the last minute or something. But if you're buying a ticket to the game solely because you want to get a glimpse of Drake sitting courtside, save your money. You'd be better off watching the game at home with Nothing Was the Same playing in the background.

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[via Extra Mustard]