The Mustang is going on sale in Europe, which means it's getting a little more European with independent rear suspension and an option turbo I4. We're cool with that. What we're just confused about is that Ford is looking at diesel, hybrid, and electric powertrains for the Mustang.

We're not haters either, some of the coolest cars in the world are diesels, hybrids, electrics, or a combinations of those things (Tesla Model S, BMW i8, McLaren P1), but on a Mustang is just seems wrong. People don't buy the Mustang in order to get the latest technology, they buy a new Mustang to get a classic car and a classic experience without the headache and greasy fingers that come with buying an old Mustang. 

Nothing is definitively in the pipeline right now, but the more we think about it, dropping a turbo four in the SVO back in 1984 is more or less the same thing as making a high-performance hybrid called Mustang SVO and billing it as the poor man's McLaren P1. Maybe we shouldn't be so quick to judge.

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[via GoAuto