Remember when we told you a California car dealership sold a Tesla Model S for Bitcoins? Well, it turns out the dealership lied. It didn't actually accept BitCoins. Pietro Frigerio, general manager of Lamborghini Newport Beach, told CNBC that the customer who purchased the Tesla exchanged his Bitcoins for American dollars using BitPay. 

"It's like if you come into the dealership and you want to buy a Lamborghini using gold bars, Frigerio said. "We will not accept that. We will accept U.S. dollars. You go out. You exchange it. You come back to us. That's how it worked."

Well, Mr. Frigerio, let us give you our own analogy. You saying on your website that you sold a car for Bitcoins when, in reality, you sold a car for cash that came from Bitcoins, would be like saying you sold your other cars in exchange for hours worked. The customers exchanged their hours worked for money, which they in turn used to buy cars. Using Frigerio's logic, his dealership will sell their cars for anything that can be exchanged for money. 

Basically, Mr. Frigerio and his dealership are full of shit. And why would they tell lies on the Internet? Probably to create publicity, which, unfortunately, worked. Lying works, kids!

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[via Jalopnik]