You know that saying, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks." Yeah, that's pretty much the perfect motto for Darnell Dockett when it comes to Twitter. Since joining the social media site, Dockett has been a lightning rod for controversy by saying whatever comes to mind. From discussing personal experiences to threatening others to that whole saga involving Katherine Webb and A.J. McCarron, Dockett really needs to learn to think before he tweets. Come to think of it, that should be the title of a future NFL rookie seminar: "Think Before You Tweet." Yes, we want our royalties for that one. 

Anyway, on what must have been a boring Friday evening, Dockett decided to share this tasteless, racist "joke" about Asian people: 

Apple has a new device out for Chinese people. The iOpener.

— DARNELL DOCKETT (@ddockett) December 21, 2013

When one of his followers responded, implying that Dockett would eventually issue some sorry excuse for an apology, the Cardinals defensive lineman had this to say:

I promise I won't....RT @GodFatha702@ddockett @HubbuchNYP I predict that he "fake apologizes" tomorrow. "I am sorry if I offended anyone"

— DARNELL DOCKETT (@ddockett) December 21, 2013

And, Dockett perfectly summed up his entire time on Twitter with this message: "I have learned that pleasing everyone is impossible, but pissing everyone off is easy and fun as hell."

No, really?! We haven't picked that up from all those previous instances. Thanks for enlightening us, fam! SMH. Some people will never learn. 

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[via Darnell Dockett]