It has to be hard to sell a 2001 Chevy Malibu, especially one with 165,000 miles and a body dented like Danny Trejo's face. One Craigslist user in Ozark, Mo. is making things a little easier for himself by waxing poetic about his "thoroughbred champion's ride" for sale. 

Before getting to the specifics, the user makes sure to let you know about the personality of the little lady known as the Green Monster. "She's like the girl in high school that you never would date but she was always there when your girlfriend broke up with you or you didn't make homecoming court."

As we mentioned before, the car is dented. But on the plus side, it also has a aftermarket stereo with iPod connectivity,which makes it a "$1,500 driveable iPod dock, and two brand new tires. The Malibu doesn't have AC, but the user is quick to point out that Henry Ford didn't pack things up with the Model T because it got a little hot. 

The whole post is worth a read, and we'd be lying if we said it wasn't persuasive. A beat up Malibu has never sounded so attractive. 

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[via Craigslist