Do you like the new Childish Gambino album Because the Internet as much as we do? If so, you can thank Chris Bosh for it. No, really, go ahead and thank him for it!

Okay, okay. So actually, Bosh had absolutely nothing to do with the actual recording of the album. But recently, Childish Gambino did an interview with Tim Westwood and, during the interview, he revealed that Because the Internet was actually recorded at a mansion that's owned by Bosh in Pacific Palisades, Calif. It rents for $45,000 a month and Childish Gambino refers to it as "The Temple."

"Me and my friends rented a house," he told Westwood. "It was Chris Bosh's mansion. I shouted him out before. We stayed there, and we just ate s'mores and, like, made songs and stuff like that."

Childish Gambino revealed that Bosh was not present during the recording of the album. In fact, he said that he's pretty sure Bosh never even visits the place and only uses it to make money. But still, it's pretty cool that Bosh played a small part in Because the Internet being created. We told you he's the coolest dude alive, didn't we?!

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[via Sporting News]