If we told you that Bun B sat down with a member of the Houston Rockets recently and did an interview with him for CSN Houston, who would you guess he interviewed? James Harden? Dwight Howard? Jeremy Lin?

Well, you would be wrong. Because when CSN Houston asked Bun B to sit down with someone recently, they actually asked him to interview Omri Casspi. Quietly, Casspi—one of only two players in the NBA who hails from Israel—is having a solid season for the Rockets. So he linked up with Bun to talk about his feelings on Houston, his upbringing in Israel, and his plans to take Harden and Howard back to his homeland next summer (seriously).

Check out the interview in the clip above. It's definitely not what we expected when we heard Bun B was interviewing a member of the Rockets. But it's still pretty interesting nonetheless.

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[via CSN Houston]